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Assorted Standard Heavy Breed Hatching Eggs $8 per dozen.
Assorted Rare Breed Hatching Eggs $10 per dozen.
Assorted Fancy Bantam Hatching Eggs $10 per dozen.
Assorted Guinea eggs from 7 Colors $12 per dozen.
Single breed dozen & 1/2 dozens are availabe at times, email for availability & prices.

Click here to e-mail for prices & availablity.

We will have baby chicks, juveniles, & adults for sale from time to time.

Coturnix Quail in White, Tuxedo, Chocolate, Gold Speckled, & Normal
Adults $3 per pair
Started $10 for $8
Day Old 30 for $20
Assorted eggs $5 per 25
Single color eggs $5 per 20